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Boschstraat  Banjo  Band
Boschstraat Banjo Band Jam Beda Jazz Festival

During the Breda Jazz Festival it is the Jazz Banjo Jam. From Ascension Day we will be back daily from 1 pm on the terrace of the Chinese Eethuis Gantau Village, (Tel 076-5208929), Boschstraat 19 in Breda. At 1:00 PM we kick off (Le Grand D├ępart) with the signature tune Happy days are here again. Depending on the weather, the musical detainees and the public interest, we like to continue until (late) in the evening; also on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

This banjo jam was initiated in 1994 by passed away Hans de Roon from Rotterdam. In 1999, this fanatic ukulele player conceived the plan to set up his own banjo jam in Breda during the Jazz Festival. This has become a huge success and banjoists from home and abroad have participated in this in recent years.
Frequently Asked Questions

Who is in charge of music?
No one. Partly in view of the fact that we only meet once a year, we do not think this is necessary. Nevertheless, Donna Magermans and Janet Grootoonk in particular regularly try to keep musical anarchy under control.

Why were you never included in the official Festival Program?
Here we are not going to jump. We feel that if we are ever asked for this, we will not be able to do it justice. We don't want to exchange the spontaneous, unorganized and unpretentious character of the band for an orderly performance. Apart from this, given the many years of hospitality that we enjoy from the people of Gantau Village, we also do not feel like moving the entire circus for a temporary stay on, for example, the Grote Markt. Moreover, our many and loyal fans are counting on the fact that we will be making an appearance in the Boschstraat. In doing so, we hope to be able to play in the lee of the festival for many years to come, whether or not as a tolerant orchestra.

Can everyone come and play?
As can be read at Tableau de la troupe, we now have a permanent group of musicians, however if you are an experienced banjo player you can send us an email to join the jam. More than once we were inundated by numerous fans, resulting in a front line of, for example, 9 men, accompanied by 6 "basses", 6 washboards and additional percussion work, it was impossible. That is why this event should be seen as a reunion with a jam session character.
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